"I decided to start a training program with Jody to ensure variety and a higher level of training that I wouldn’t achieve without the assistance and expertise of a PT. Since starting I have become stronger, fitter, and faster even though I am getting older! The thing I like best about Jody’s training is the variety: anything is an option weights, plyometric training, boxing, high intensity circuits to name a few. I would recommend Jody as a trainer as I am yet to meet anyone that can train as effectively by themselves as they can with a trainer. Most people would happily spend the same money on a round of drinks so why not on something that is beneficial."


– James Turner

"Jody would be the best personal trainer I've ever had and I've had a few! He challenges me with something new every week. He also provides you with a program that suits your needs and life style. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals."


– John Flintoft

"I moved to 1 on 1 boxing sessions with Jody after participating in his group boxing classes, as I wanted to further challenge my fitness and skill level. Each week it shows that Jody has planned our sessions as he comes with a plan of new exercises and combos to try, to keep me on my toes and keep the training interesting. Jody is approachable as a trainer, however has the ability to challenge and push me when I need it. I find the boxing such a great stress relief and empowering that I think everyone should give it a go!"


– Lisa Rooney


"You guys are the best!! Training with you both is not only a fab workout and keeps me motivated but is also just like hanging out with your mates! When we have a break between programs I not only miss the pain of a good workout but miss the comradery we all have!!! Wouldn’t look to go anywhere else and have not peeped inside any other gym since you set up your own…… and it will remain that way!!

Thanks for being awesome and making me more awesome!!!"


– Justine Smith

"I wanted to be trained by a professional who was going to help me understand and improve my fitness level. The results I have achieved in the program are exceptional I feel more agile and have gained greater physical and mental strength along with pushing myself to the limits and beyond my fitness capabilities. I really enjoy Jody's training firstly he is a great guy with an awesome and friendly personality. Secondly he always makes training interesting and it is never the same so it never gets boring. In addition to this Jody always looks to push you harder each and every time to make your fitness better. 
Also Jody is particular in making sure you execute your exercises in a safe way so you are not at risk of hurting yourself or others, Jody has a wide and competent knowledge of the bodies muscles and the mental side of fitness. Finally he is constantly encouraging and motivating you throughout the training time which makes it that much more enjoyable. For someone on the fence about the program I would say just have a go, the benefits speak for themselves."


– Nick Beattie

"I really like training with Jody, I have been training with him for 8 months. I am getting lots of confidence in myself and I am getting pushed very hard just what I need in training. I recommend Jody for anyone who wants epic good workouts. The more I train with Jody the more confident I become in all areas. Keep up the awesome work Jody love it."


- Ben Buist


"I joined the RMF 8-week boot camp because a friend had previously done it and recommended it to me. At the beginning of the camp I had not done any real exercise since having my 2nd child who is now 1yr old. The sessions were hard but also really fun and Rosie and Jody were always there to guide you through and make sure you were doing things correctly but also pushing you to go harder. One of the best things about the boot camp was working in a smaller group and the sessions being at various outdoor locations each week. The results at the end of the camp for me were amazing!! I lost 5kgs but better than that I toned my whole body up, can now do sit ups which I previously couldn’t and can run 5kms easily. I would highly recommend RMF to anyone that wants to improve their overall fitness and strength and do it in a small group and not be locked inside a gym."


- Katherine Shepherd

 "I have been training with Jody for over a year and love his sessions every week! Jody has helped me become stronger and have more confidence in what I can do.

His work outs are always varied and constantly push me more and more each week. I love boxing with Jody, his knowledge and experience is valued and I love the feeling after a boxing workout.

Jody is very supportive and listens to my ideas and thoughts about what I would like to achieve or work on each week. Thanks for putting up with me Jody! Our weekly sessions are always great fun."


- Sophie Chambers

"Jody knows exactly how to take me just outside my comfort zone so I get the best value from my workouts. He is easy-going, has a good sense of humour and always has a workout routine that makes it interesting."


- Pete Burdon

"I decided to start training with Jody because I needed something new to mix up my gym routine. my results have been fantastic with getting more muscle definition and my fitness has improved heaps already. I love that Jody always motivates me and pushes me to be the best I can be and keeps me focused. I love that he mixes it up and always keeps it fun but challenging at the same time. If you’re on the fence about this program then just do it, I did one class and was instantly hooked now I’m addicted and get excited to go to every training session with him!! I recommend everyone should try it because what do you have to lose?! Jody is an amazing and motivated trainer thanks for my gains so far with many more too come."


 - Sarah Geange

"I Wanted to get fit and tone up after years of not doing anything. So far I have improved my muscle Tone and my fitness has improved. I love my sessions with Jody because there is great variety in each session and they are never boring! Lots of fun great for improving one’s self in fitness leading to increased confidence."


- Victoria Freer

"Training with Jody the last few years I have improved my strength, cardio and endurance, and have been able to really develop my boxing skills. It is impossible to get bored or comfortable training with Jody, as you never know what is going to come up next, and his training style helps to make sure I always push myself as hard as I can each session!"


- Lucy Moore‚Äč

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